Authentic italian food

Meet Valerio De Angelis, the manager and the chef of the B&B “Preta Nera” in Giuliano di Roma. After years of working in Italian restaurants first in Rome and then in Paris, Valerio decided to move to Giuliano di Roma to offer his experience to the guests of the B&B. Don’t hesitate to book a dinner or a lunch with him and choose from classical Italian cuisine and the traditional dishes of Ciociaria. If you have not booked in advance your meals with Valerio, you can still order your lunch or dinner at your arrival choosing from the following options.

Cold menu

Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, salami, 1 glass of wine, fruit, coffee

prosciutto, mozzarella di bufala, tomato and basil
fresh italien salade

Hot menu

Lasagna or spaghetti alla carbonara, 1 glass of wine, fruit, coffee

italien pasta with asparagus
spaghetti with salsa carbonar

Vegetarian dish or fish

Great seasonal salad and / or hot dish with fish, 1 glass of wine, seasonal fruit, coffee.

rice vegeterian salade
seafood italien spaghetti
fruits salade
salade fruits