I love buffalo mozzarella

With Preta Nera B&B the buffalo mozzarella road experience !

Along the Buffalo Mozzarella Road of Amaseno Valley

Discover the Amaseno valley, the buffalo and buffalo mozzarella

4000 human residents and 14.000 buffalo residents are happy to welcome you to the Valley of Amaseno! Buffalo mozzarella from Italy is the most difficult cheese to replicate. Book this tour to encounter buffalos out in the field, to visit a buffalo breeding farm, to learn the secrets of buffalo mozzarella production, to taste this exquisite cheese made at the moment and to discover that a lunch can be totally based on buffalo products! Explore at your own pace and on your own time the most beautiful places of Buffalo Mozzarella Road of Amaseno Valley – the village of Amaseno, Pastena with its caves, Priverno and the Cistercian Abbey of Fossanova, San Felice Circeo along Ulysses Riviera.
Visiting Ciociaria means also plunging into a world of flavours. They alone represent a trip in its own. Let us help you to see why by arranging dinners for you at local authentic restaurants offering food grown or raised in the surrounding countryside and complemented with the local wine. It is well worth sampling the local dishes for a bit of authenticity to take your travelling and eating experience to a whole new level. Slow down, take in the scenery, enjoy discovering the “undiscovered Italy”, wining and dining!

Bufflonne Ciociaria

Tasting of authentic buffalo mozzarella

mozzarella di bufala
mozzarella di bufala fabrication

Visit Amaseno, Pastena, dinner in Castro dei Volsci
To follow “completely real” steps of mozzarella production, you will have to wake up early in the morning and to go to one of the local buffalo breeding farms. Have light lunch based on buffalo mozarella products. Visit Pastena caves in the afternoon and on your way back to “La Preta Nera” B&B have dinner in the charming hilltop walled village of Castro dei Volsci, the co-called “balcony of Ciociaria” , offering superb panoramic views on the Valley of Amaseno.
Distances from: “La Preta Nera” B&B:  Amaseno – 14 km; Pastena – 21 km; Castro dei Volsci – 16km.

Visit Sermoneta, Fossanova Abbey, dinner in Priverno
Your first destination today will be the medieval town of Sermoneta with its majestic castle. Then move on to a magnificent example of Cistercian architecture Fossanova Abbey, located in a picturesque village. The village of Fossanova is part of the town of Priverno, where they will be waiting for you for dinner to offer you the best pizza of Ciociaria cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven.
Other sights of interest within 10 km from Sermoneta: Norba Ruins, Gardens of Ninfa, Valvisciolo Abbey.
Distances from: “La Preta Nera” B&B:  Sermoneta 42 km; Fossanova Abbey 37 km; Priverno – 4 km;