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With the Preta Nera B&B come visit the Ciociaria, and enjoy the nature, the art of living, the history of this Italian territory. An assured change of scenery, in a beautiful setting and moose that is the Petra Nera with Bed and Breakfast of another time. Come to see the Italian peasants prepare the buffalo mozzarella. Visit the towns and villages of Ciociaria, on the romantic route of Ciociaria.

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Myths and legends in Ciociaria

Ulysse myths and legends

Visit Arpino, Alatri, Verol
Alatri, Anagni, Arpino, Atina e Ferentino in Ciociaria still attract the interests of experts and arouse curiosity. Why? They are “citta’ saturnie”, the cities founded by Saturn, one of the most ancient gods in Roman religion. And they are surrounded by imposing cyclopean walls, built by the mythical Cyclopes, the only ones, according to an ancient belief, who had the strength to move the enormous boulders that made up the walls. Each of this towns is worth of visit. Meet your private guide in the morning and visit Arpino and Alatri. In the afternoon take time to visit the faithful monks of Casamari Abbey (Veroli), one of the most stunning monasteries of the middle ages, the one that you will not soon forget.
Distances: La Preta Nera B&B – Arpino – 47 km, La Preta Nera B&B – Alatri – 36 km, La Preta Nera B&B – Veroli 28 km

Visit Fumone Castle, Collepardo, Guarcino, Lago di Canterno
Fumone Castle, Collepardo, Guarcino, Lago di Canterno
Ready to resolve the enigma of Fumone castle? Let’s move on! ? A stroll through a charming labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets will take you to the famous Castle of Fumone, known as Longhi Castle as per its owners – Longhi family,who owns the castle since 1586. The castle is associated with ghosts, apparitions and strange noises. The castle holds a beautiful surprise as well a splendid rooftop terrace garden at 800 meters above the sea level offering you mighty views of Ciociaria’s countryside!
We suggest you have a light lunch in Guarcino, famous for its “prosciutto”an d wine donuts. Visit Collepardo caves and its Pozzo d’Antullo (Antullo’s Well), a huge pit formed by the collapse of the ceiling of an underground, ellipsoidal cavity, whose circumference is of 300m and it is 80m deep.The rarity of the event and its wild and sinister aspect have given free rein to people’s imagination, leading to the creation of legends on the origin of this pit. For dinner move on to mysterious lake of Canterno. Distances: La Preta Nera B&B – Fumone – 31 km, La Preta Nera B&B – Guarcino – 50 km, La Preta Nera B&B – Collepardo – 48 km, La Preta Nera B&B Canterno Lake – 45 km
Visit le Circeo National Park, Gaeta, Sperlonga
This land, known for its fantastic beaches, unique breathtaking scenery and nature, is strongly associated with the legend of Ulysses (the Roman name of Odysseus), and it seems this ancient hero left many traces here. They say the powerful and dangerous goddess of magic Circe used to live here too. Visit Gaeta, one of the most spectacular towns in the southen Lazio that boasts “spiaggia di 300 gradini”, the beach that is among the 10 most beautiful beaches in Italy! Don’t miss Sperlonga – a scenic town, on the official list of “the most beautiful towns of Italy”. Take a boat excursion, visit the Villa and Grotto of Tiberius, have a fresh fish lunch, stroll along the narrow streets of the town. Climb 35 steps of staircase carved into the mountainside of The Montagna Spaccata, or Split Mountain, that will take you to the fissure in the mountain, which overlooks the ocean and surrounding countryside offering super panoramic views. Dinner will be waiting for you in one of the charming villages of Amaseno Valley. Distances: La Preta Nera B&B – Gaeta – 70 km, La Preta Nera B&B – Sperlonga – 55 km, La Preta Nera B&B – National Park of Circeo 49 km.

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