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invites you to slow down and to experience true authentic Italy one step at a time! You discover the best of the itinerary at your own pace

With the Preta Nera B&B come visit the Ciociaria, and enjoy the nature, the art of living, the history of this Italian territory. An assured change of scenery, in a beautiful setting and moose that is the Petra Nera with Bed and Breakfast of another time. Come to see the Italian peasants prepare the buffalo mozzarella. Visit the towns and villages of Ciociaria, on the romantic route of Ciociaria.

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Throughout the romantic route of Ciociaria

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Visit San Donato Val di Camino, Atina, wine tasting dinner in Atina
Your main destination today is San Donato Val di Comino, leaned on the slopes of the Apennines, offering visitors fantastic views on the surrounding countryside. San Donato Val di Comino is listed within “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia” (the most beautiful villages of Italy). To get there first reach Rocasecca and then move on to Casalvieri along the fantastic panoramic road of “Tracciolino”. Don’t miss visciola liqueur , the real speciality of this area.
On your way back to Giuliano di Roma, step off the romantic road and visit a charming town of Atina, along the Cabernet di Atina DOC Wine Route. A romantic wine tasting dinner will be waiting for you in Atina.
Distances: “La Preta Nera” B&B – Roccasecca – 50 km, Roccasecca – Casalvieri (“Tracciolino”) – 15 km, Casalvieri – San Donato Val di Comino – 22km, San Donato Val di Comino – Atina – 13km, Atina – “La Preta Nera” B&B – 81 km

Visit Bollive Ernica, Collepardo, Alatri
Visit Boville Ernica, listed within “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia” (the most beautiful villages of Italy). Then move on to Collepardo, a small medieval picturesque town. Don’t miss the Caves of Bambocci with the charming view of the stalactites, stalagmites, lakes and calcite draperies.

Make your way to Pozzo d’Antullo (Antullo’s Well), a huge pit formed by the collapse of the ceiling of an underground, ellipsoidal cavity, whose circumference is of 300m and it is 80m deep. Be sure to visit CERTOSA DI TRISULTI, rising up at an altitude of 825 metres, immersed in secular oak woods of the Hernici Hills, a perfect place to regenerate and find serenity, to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of emotions, art and culture. Finish to explore Collepardo with a guided tour to one of the most oldest liquor distilleries of the region. A romantic dinner will be waiting for you in Alatri, a town that still today arouses curiosity and amazes with its impressive cyclopic walls.
Distances: “La Preta Nera” B&B – Boville Ernica – 32 km; Boville Ernica – Collepardo – 31 km, Collepardo – Alatri – 9 km, Alatri – “La Preta Nera” B&B – 26 km

Visit le Circeo National Park, Abbaye de Fossanova, Prossedi
Take a picnic basket and head to Circeo National Park that boasts plenty of fantastic places suitable for a romantic picnic to choose from. You may like Circeo promontory, with its peak at approximately 1,775 feet above sea level. OR Selva di Circe, one of few of the best-preserved and largest plain forests existing in the country. OR a beach with coastal dunes, a unique setting even for Italy. OR one of the four successive littoral lakes – Fogliano, Monaci, Caprolace and Paola. Within the park is a network of footpaths which are ideal for hikers and nature enthusiasts alike. In the afternoon move on to Fossanova Abbey for a photostop and a romantic “aperitivo”. Enjoy a candlelight dinner in Prossedi.
Distances: “La Preta Nera” B&B – Circeo National Park – 52 km, le Parc National du Circeo – Fossanova – 29 km, Fossanova – Prossedi – 13 km, Prossedi – “La Preta Nera” B&B – 7 km.

City of Collepardo

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City of Alatri

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Circeo National Park

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