Ulysses Riviera

The legendary Ulysses Riviera, weaving its history with that of Ciociaria, extends halfway between Rome and Naples, in low Lazio, from Sperlonga to Minturno, through Formia and Gaeta and overlooks the Gulf of Gaeta with its charming Pontine Islands. The ecosystem here grants a perfect microclimate – mild, windy and dry. The area is rich in nature, culture, art and history, and it’s all about magic and charm here.

Ulisse legenda


Myths surround this mysterious land. It is strongly associated with the legend of Ulysses (the Roman name of Odysseus), and it seems this ancient hero left many traces here. In Terracina Ulysses buried his friend Elpenor, who fell off the roof of Circe’s stone house and broke his neck. On the island of Ponza Ulysses and powerful and dangerous sorceress Circe lived their love story that lasted for one year. Here his and Circe’s son Anteios was born, the one who would found Anzio years later. In Gaeta, on his way back to Ithaca, Ulysses met the Laesrygonians (powerful cannibal giants) who ate many of Ulysses’ men and destroyed eleven of his twelve ships by launching rocks from high cliffs.


The Riviera di Ulisse is distinguished by emerald and turquoise-colored crystal clear sea water and spectacular fine sand and gravel beaches. Many of the beaches are awarded Blue Flag for excellence and they tourists wanting to swim, sunbath, rock climb, surf, windsurf and sail. 


The Pontine Archipelago, full of beauty and charm, one of small pearls scattered in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is admired for its unique breathtaking scenery and nature.

Riviera di Ulisse
marina di Sperlonga


Sperlonga didn’t make the official list of ‘Most Beautiful Villages in Italy’ for nothing – a scenic white-washed village that dominates the bay with crystal-clear water boasts superb views of the cost from its terraces. Take a boat excursion, visit the Villa and Grotto of Tiberius, have a fresh fish lunch, stroll along the narrow streets of the town or rent an umbrella and a beach chair and just relax!


The Circeo promontory, with its peak at approximately 1,775 feet above sea level, Selva di Circe, one of few of the best-preserved and largest plain forests existing in the country, the coastal dunes, a unique setting even for Italy, and the four successive littoral lakes – Fogliano, Monaci, Caprolace and Paola together make up this national park, set up in 1934.



Gaeta is one of the most spectacular towns in low Lazio. Although you will not find it in many guidebooks, it’s an extremely popular destination – it boasts seven fabulous beaches, has mazes of medieval streets, Roman monuments, ancient ruins, and revered churches. The historic center is dominated by a majestic Aragonese castle and 35 steps of staircase carved into the mountainside of The Montagna Spaccata, or Split Mountain, will take you to the fissure in the mountain, which overlooks the ocean and surrounding countryside offering super panoramic views.


Why do they make daytrips to Terracina rain or shine? What makes this small city worth a one? Mount Circeo, the ancient quartier, the view from the Temple of Jove Anxur, the food, the music.