Ciociaria: Sensational Scenery

Need to get away from it all? Grab a camera, go into the wild and discover acres of untouched backcountry!

You will be treated to all kinds of amazing scenery, to hills alternating with ranges of mountains, to wide blue skies, to wild lakes, springs and waterfalls, to scenic valleys, to caves and underground cavities with spectacular stalactites, stalagmites and subterranean lakes, to scattered small hilltop villages.

Ciociaria includes the area of Simbruini Mountain Park, Ernici Mountains & Lepini Mountains Protected areas as well as the Latium part of one of the most famous natural parks in Italy Abruzzo National Park. The Abruzzo National Park is the oldest in the Appennines and is considered to be very important because it preserves various animal species such as Chamois, Marsican Brown Bear and the Italian wolf. The park is also famous for the very rare lady’s slipper and black and yellow orchids.

Visit Collepardo and Pastena caves to admire the charming view of the stalactites, stalagmites, columns, lakes, roaring waterfalls and calcite draperies!

The various outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the area – trekking, cycling, canoeing, horse riding, bird watching, cross country skiing and caving and speleo adventure.